How we started The Balearic Goodlife

We live on ibiza for 4 years now. We noticed that a lot of companies pay a commission when you bring them clients. We also noticed that there is a lot of companies that have no boats, cars, to offer themselves and only bring clients to companies and ask for the commissions.

We wanted to do something different and positive. We reach out to the companies and ask them to give the commission back to The Balearic Goodlife members. And let them have a happy client who love their services.

All our partners offer their own services. We ask them to be in The Balearic Goodlife App. We don’t ask any commission. We give the commission back in a form of  a discount to The Balearic Goodlife members. You can use the deals as much as you want. The partners are happy and the members are happy.

For getting all the deals in and developing The Balearic Goodlife App. To become a Balearic Goodlife member and get your member Card we charge the amount of € 30,00 for season 2017.

We hope you enjoy Ibiza much more and share your experiences with us.


Mike Froling